Heiden Studio, Inc, NYC 212-979-1451 Communication Design
  • Copywriting

    “Under close examination everyone's story is sensational.” —Saul Bellows

    Twitter me this: what quickens the heart of business customers? Isn’t it exactly that cool thing your company does? Come on, stop being shy about it, we’ll help spread the word.

  • Graphic Design

    From a logo’s elemental simplicity to eye-catching posters and corporate reports, award-winning imagery that seizes attention.

  • Illustration

    Digital, conventional, humorous—any doggone style you need... more examples at the Illustration link above.

  • Photography

    Interiors, exteriors, portraits, product shots... and mad PhotoShop skills that enhance and perfect every image.

  • Retouching

    The perfect photo with one eensy flaw— like a finger over the flash. No problem. We vignette, silhouette, color balance, lift, fade, swap-out, restore, rejuvenate; we iron wrinkles and take out the trash.

    If life was subsumed by PhotoShop, we’d give you the palace suite in Shangri-La.

  • Web Design

    Entire sites from scratch or the creation of value-added ingredients to keep contents fresh.

    We design content using the most knowledgeable, current tech protocols so pretty and smart get along and your online investment goes smoothly.

  • Motion Graphics

    We like re-ordering attention deficit with brazen stimulus to the ocular-aural networks. That, and creating little movie animations to make folks smile.
  • Video Production

    From event coverage or mini-docs to spot commercials for broadcast and web, we script, shoot and edit film and video. Storyboards, actors, voice talent, special effects and titling— whatever’s necessary to produce your next epic.